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In my element

Ah here’s a soapbox Let me adjust my thoughts a bit I will pontificate on my favorite topics Talking about things that matter to me most Puts me in my element and away I run With my thoughts vying with my tongue I may entertain you or bore you to tears But you’ll find meContinue reading “In my element”

The most consequential experiments carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic will be social

The public image of the response to COVID-19 has been presented primarily through a scientific lens. However, as Alana Couvrette argues, the COVID-19 pandemic has been as intense a period of socio-political experimentation, as scientific. Drawing on examples of experimentation in a range of policy areas, she suggests the findings of these experiments are notContinue reading “The most consequential experiments carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic will be social”

Pesky WP Gremlins — View from the Back

Over the past week or so, I’ve noted that many of the blogs I’ve followed for some considerable time have just dropped off my timeline. According to WP, I am still following you but I am not seeing your posts in my timeline. I’m slowly trying to identify all the affected blogs, yours may be […]Continue reading “Pesky WP Gremlins — View from the Back”

Thursday Thoughts – Searching for Orchids — Leya

I mentioned in my delicate colours post, that I originally went out to find the orchids – – but they were not yet there. I guess it has been too cold a spring for them. The yellow archangel is another favourite in May – lightening up the forest shadows. Just like angels should. When I […]Continue reading “Thursday Thoughts – Searching for Orchids — Leya”