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(COVID-19) Confirmed cases in Africa Nigeria

Nigeria now has 30 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19), as Lagos, Oyo and FCT combined, added eight new cases on Sunday. Currently, Lagos has 22 cases; FCT has four cases; Ogun has two cases; Ekiti has one case; and Oyo has one case. This makes a total of 30 cases as at the timeContinue reading “(COVID-19) Confirmed cases in Africa Nigeria”

Amethyst Brook Waterfall Sometimes a low flow allows us to see a waterfall in a different way than when it is roaring. When there is a lot of water, this feature is swallowed by a wider deluge going over the entire width of the rocks.  I’ve shot this composition or similar before but it’s a nice horsetailContinue reading “Amethyst Brook Waterfall”